16th Edition. Video presentations

Giovanni Gallavotti

Giovanni Gallavotti

Viscosity, reversibility, chaotic hypothesis in NS fluids. A statistical representation of viscosity in the framework of a thermodynamic formalism for the description of the stationary distributions of incompressible fluid flows. Various equations are proposed and their equivalence with the Navier-Stokes equations with cut-off N is presented. ... Read more
Joel Lebowitz - Rutgers University

Joel Lebowitz

Statistical Mechanical Ensembles and Typical Behavior of Macroscopic Systems. In this talk I will focus on describing, in a qualitative way, the reason statistical mechanics is able to predict, with great certainty, behavior of macroscopic systems, both in equilibrium and out of it ... Read more
Giovanni Jona-Lasinio - Sapienza University of Rome

Giovanni Jona Lasinio

On quasi-static transformations of diffusive systems, renormalized work and all that. For diffusive systems a theory of quasi static transformations of stationary states has been developed as a byproduct of the macroscopic fluctuation theory. ... Read more
Bernard Derrida - College de France

Bernard Derrida

Renormalization and disorder: a simple toy model. The problem of the depinning transition of a line from a random substrate is one of the simplest problems in the the theory of disordered systems. It has a long history among physicists and mathematicians ... Read more