9th  Granada  Seminar
Computational and Statistical Physics

September 11-15, 2006

Organized by the Institute "Carlos I" for Theoretical and Computational Physics, University of Granada. Sponsored by the Spanish Minister for Science and Technology, the European Physical Society (EPS), and the SNN Adaptive Intelligence

Computational and Mathematical Modeling of
Cooperative Behavior in Neural Systems


"Cooperative Behavior in Neural Systems - Ninth Granada Lectures", AIP Conference Proceedings, volume 887, New York 2007.

Main oral contributions:

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Contact us at:  statphys@onsager.ugr.es 

Important notice: this edition of the Seminar will be coordinated with FisEs 2006 (the Spanish meeting of statistical physicists) to be held also in the Facultad de Ciencias of Granada, from 14 to 16 of September. Your registration fee for the Seminar will cover the FisEs 2006 as well.