5th Granada Seminar on Computational Physics

(and EPS-IUPAP 1998 Conference on Computational Physics)

Granada, September 2-5, 1998

Proceedings published as


1998 Conference on Computational Physics

September 2-5, 1998
Exhibition and Conference Centre
Granada (Andaluc´┐Ża), Spain

Organized by the Computational Physics Group of the European Physical Society (EPS) and by the Institute Carlos I for Theoretical and Computational Physics. Sponsored by the EPS, which has approved it as an Europhysics Conference, and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP), in collaboration with the American Physical Society (APS), the UK Institute of Physics (IOP), and the University of Granada.

This is the tenth of a series of joint APS-EPS "PC" conferences held previously in Boston (1989), Amsterdam (1990), San Jose (1991), Prague (1992), Albuquerque (1993), Lugano (1994), Pittsburgh (1995), Crakow (1996), and Santa Cruz (1997). The forthcoming conference in Granada aims to be coordinated with similar efforts in Asia ("ICCP's" at Beijing in 1988 and 1993, Taiwan 1995 and Singapore 1997).


The CCP 1998 covered all fields of Computational Physics with a focus on Modelling Collective Phenomena in Complex Systems (including biology, chemistry, economy, geology, etc.) thereby enhancing contacts and the exchange of ideas and methods between these different fields of science.