12th Granada* Seminar

September 17-21, 2012

 *in La Herradura, Tropical Coast of Granada, Spain

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Physics, Computation, and the Mind

 — Advances and Challenges at Interfaces


The proceeding of this editions are published as "Physics, Computation, and the Mind: Advances and Challenges at Interfaces” (12th Granada Lectures), PL Garrido, J Marro, JJ Torres, and J Cortes, editors, AIP Conf. Proc., vol. 1510 (New York 2013) (also on-line)

Main speakers

  • Lucilla de Arcangelis, "Spontaneous Neuronal Activity as a Self-Organized Critical Phenomenon" (abstract), Ingegneria dell'Informazione, University of Naples II

  • Demian Battaglia, "Function follows dynamics", Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, Göttingen 

  • Dante Chialvo, "The brain is critical" (abstract), University of California, Los Angeles

  • Shlomi Dolev, "Towards holographis 'brain' memory", Ben-Gurion University, Israel

  • Andrew J. Duggins, "Pure state consciousness and its local reduction to neuronal space", Sydney University, Australia

  • Alexander V. Goltsev, "Critical and resonance phenomena in neural networks", University of Aveiro

  • Joachim Goñi, "Information, space and structure in the human brain resting state", Indiiana University

  • Julie Grollier, "Memristors and novel nano-devices for neuromorphic computing", CNRS/Thales

  • Claudius Gros, "Observing scale invariance in non-critical dynamical systems" , Goethe University, Frankfurt

  • Stephen Grossberg, "Linking mind to brain through resonant and complementary computing: unifying vision, cognition, and action" (abstract), Boston University

  • Ramón Huerta, "Models of the insect brain for odor discrimination and decision making" (abstract), BioCircuits, University of California, San Diego

  • Jorge J. Jaramillo, "Coordination of phase precession in the hippocampus" , Humboldt University, Berlin

  • Samuel Johnson, "Interplay between structure and dynamics in neural networks", Imperial College, London

  • Hideyuki Kato, "Modeling of spontaneous zero-lag and propagation synchronization in cat spinal cord" , CSIC, Baleares

  • Dmitry A. Kuzmin, "Opimization of the Wilson-Cowan model with data from optogenetically controlled gamma oscillations", University College, London - CANCELLED

  • KyoungEun Lee, "Neural networks with dynamical synapses: from mixed-mode ocillations and spindles to chaos" , University of Aveiro

  • Roberto Livi, "Quasi-synchronous dynamics as an effect of noise and short-term plasticity", Universita di Firenze

  • Daniele Marinazzo, "Information flow in the brain: shortcuts and botlenecks" (abstract), Ghent University

  • Joaquin Marro, "Complex networks in the brain - function vs. wiring and excitability" (abstract), Institute "Carlos I", University of Granada

  • Bruce L. McNaughton, "A Toroidal Attractor Theory of the Cognitive Map", (abstract), University of Lethbridge, Albert

  • Jorge Mejias, "Short-term synaptic plasticity: implications for information transmission and network dynamics", University of Ottaw

  • Rafael Molina, "Bayesian localization of EEG sources with generalized Gaussian priors" (abstract), University of Granad

  • Paolo Paradisi, "Scaling and intermittency of brain events as a manifestation of consciousness", ISTI-CNR, Italy

  • Eduardo Ros, "Behavioral experiments with brain-body models. Cerebellar models in manipulating tasks" (abstract), Department of Computer Architecture and Technology, University of Granada

  • María V. Sánchez-Vives, "Slow and fast rhythms in the cerebral cortex" (abstract), Institut d'Investigatcions Biomèdiques, CSIC, Barcelona

  • Jordi Soriano, "Interplay activity-connectivity: dynamics in patterned neuronal cultures, University of Barcelona

    Bernardo Spagnolo, "Spike train statistics and regularity for musical accords in an auditory sensory model" (abstract), University of Palermo and CNISM

  • Walter Stühmer, "Optoelectronic coupling in the resting state of neurons", Max-Planck-Institute, Göttingen

  • Lai-Sang Young"Emergent dynamics in a model of visual cortex" (abstract), Courant Institute of Mathematica Sciences, New York University

  • ... (check full list of oral and poster presentations clicking at "Presentations (pdf)" on the top left)

Notes: Several conference talks will be invited from submitted abstracts — The best poster prepared by a PhD student and presented in this event will be granted the EPS Poster Prize (250€ and a certificate)  —   These pages contain the best available and constantly updated information; please visit them from time to time.

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